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I need to get this off my chest first because I get giddy just thinking about it! I spent the weekend in glorious Goa where my boyfriend popped the question! Naturally I said yes but the shock has made me forget what transpired and who said what! Maybe it’ll come back to me one day! It just feels so weird to be engaged! I’m still a bit dazed, happy and excited all at once! I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed just thinking about all the wedding planning that has to be done. Any words of wisdom from you guys would be appreciated!

Also, I’m on Snapchat now! I mean I always lurking on Snapchat watching stories but now I’m participating and sharing pointless selfies and beauty bits as well. Username is blushcanvas. Also please leave your usernames below if you do use it, I’d love to follow your stories!

Let’s get back to business! You might get the impression that this skincare routine is a bit excessive. You’re right! I’m currently using a lot more products than I normally would. I just ended up buying a few things that I’d always wanted to try and I’m currently in between ‘this is working well’ and ‘I’m still experimenting’ states. Some of these products are absolute gems and the rest need more time to prove themselves. You’ll need to settle down, it’s going to be a long post!

skincare routine 2016-1

I didn’t want to do separate AM/PM routines because I use a lot of the same products. I will mention very clearly how and when I use certain products though. I should probably start off by telling you more about my skin. If you’ve read this before, feel free to skip ahead! So in general, I have dry skin but I have more normal skin when it’s humid here. So my focus is always on hydration! Apart from that I tend to get spots on my chin, usually hormonal but still recurring. To a large extent this has reduced ever since I’ve incorporated acid toning in my routine. A new concern for me is also reducing some of the hyperpigmentation and sun spots on my face. There you’re all caught up! Let’s start with cleansers!

skincare routine 2016-4

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire (PM / Everyday)
I’ve been using this for years ever since it launched in India. I can never go back to those makeup removers that leave an oily residue now! Every night I use this to take off my eye and lip makeup. This takes off the majority of it so I don’t end up with a swirl of mascara and lipstick in the next step. It’s very gentle on the eyes and you can really work it into your lashline to remove makeup, I’ve never had any sensitivity issues with it. I already have a backup.

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm (PM / Everyday)
I’m so glad I tried this! I’ve been very loyal to cleansing oils thus far and this is the first cleansing balm I’ve tried! I looks almost like a whipped sorbet, it has that kind of light texture. You only need a little dollop and it instantly turns to oil on your face and melts away makeup, even the most stubborn kind with ease. It’s also extremely gentle on the eyes and never stings. I’m so impressed with this! I believe it’s a Korean brand but you can get this on a bunch of websites. It’s also very affordable at $18! I have all links and prices for all products at the end as usual. The only slight issue I have with this is that the container always has a bit of oil around it. Maybe because I’m in a warmer climate but I don’t like that oily feeling every time I try to open the tub. I’ll be using a cleansing oil next because I’ve already purchased it but I would buy this again! There are two other variants of the Clean It Zero, I might look into those!

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (AM & PM / Everyday)
The cult favourite! I haven’t completely bought into the hype though. I’ll start with the good. It’s an orange gel that turns into an oil and emulsifies when it comes in contact with water. I really prefer using this as a cleanser in the morning and as a second cleanser at night. It’s great at giving you that fresh zesty feeling, owing to the scent and pumpkin enzyme. It keeps my skin very hydrated and it never feels stripped. But I cannot believe people take off their entire makeup with just this! Firstly, it does a decent job but does not take off every last trace like a proper cleansing oil/balm. Secondly, this really stings my eyes which is reallu unfortunate! I would potentially repurchase this to use as a second cleanser but I also want to try the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser first. Onto the toners!

skincare routine 2016-5

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 (PM / Everyday except when I use Good Genes)
It’s an acid toner, meaning it has a low PH and this one contains a bunch of AHAs (like lactic acid), PHAs and niacinamide. I use this every night after cleansing except on certain days when I’m using my Good Genes because that is a strong lactic acid treatment. For the majority of last year I was using Lotion P50V, a variant of P50 meant for sensitive skin and it just changed my skin for the better. Overall, the texture of my skin was less dry, I didn’t get dry patches as often and my acne (barring hormonal) was well under control. I’m happy to say that P50 has pretty much picked up where the previous one left off and continued it’s magic. It doesn’t always sting, usually only in areas where I have dryness but it’s not unbearable. I use 4-5 drops on a cotton pad and pat this all over my face. I will say that P50 smells a lot nicer than P50V and I think this will be the one I continue to purchase henceforth.

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence (AM & PM / Everyday)
This is the first essence I’ve ever used and it’s great at instantly hydrating the skin, it feels very cool and refreshing. It calms my skin down after the exfoliating stage or after any mask I use. I also like using this just by itself at times when I quickly want some moisture but I’m not ready to do the full skincare routine. I suppose it fills the void of wanting a hydrating serum or facial mist. This bottle is 250ml and I think it’ll last me for rest of the year as I only need 4-5 drops to cover my face. Cremorlab is again, a Korean brand and slightly more tricky to get hold off. I do like this a lot but I don’t think it’s an essential. I won’t be repurchasing this and I might just go for a good hydrating serum in the future instead. Speaking of serums, that’s the next lot!

skincare routine 2016-6

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum (AM / Everyday)
After trying the very effective OST C20, I knew that a Vitamin C serum had to be a permanent feature in my routine. After reading a lot of reviews, I settled on this one from Drunk Elephant. I had never heard of the brand before but it has stellar reviews on Beautypedia (five stars!) and I also relied on a couple of Sephora reviews. I had a bunch of old acne scars and hyperpigmentation that this has helped fade. Compared to other Vitamin C serums (that also oxidize in 3 months), I feel this shows results slowly but the serum is a lot more stable and will last longer. It’s expensive at $80 but I won’t have to throw it away after a few months. This one miraculously has a shelf life of 24 months! Vitamin C  (L-ascorbic acid) is an ingredient that sinks into your skin and can’t be washed off for 72 hours, it’s also effective at very low PH levels so I would recommend just testing it out first. I tend to use this everyday but sometimes I stray off my routine and use this every other day. Some people complain that this can be sticky and look too shiny. That does happens if you use too much. I usually go for one pump for my face and another pump for my neck. I don’t do both pumps at once because you do end up with more product on the face that way. Hope that made sense! With the right amount, this does give a bit of a glow and hydration to your skin. I also use SPF whenever I have this on.

Sunday Riley Good Genes (PM / Once a week)
I bought the Exclusive Duo from Sephora which has 15ml versions of Good Genes and Luna for $78! I wanted to try both products and this is the best way to do that. I’ll also say that if you do use both products this might be the better way to buy them because 15ml also lasts a very long time, you don’t need to use these products everyday and you will get a more fresh batch of products as you repurchase. But anyway, more on Good Genes. It’s a lactic acid treatment that comes in a pump packaging (yay), it’s a soft creamy texture that sinks in very easily and smells like lemon pickle! It’s a very strong scent and I can see why it can be off putting to some. For now I use it just once a week and it really helps keep my skin texture soft and problem free in general. I haven’t noticed miraculously different results but I feel that’s also because I have a good routine in place otherwise. I’m still making up my mind if I need this, I’ve been using this for barely two months now.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (PM / Twice a week)
I introduced Luna a bit earlier in my routine and I found it really helpful. It’s a blue tinted (by dye, not blue tansy as advertised) oil that turns more clear as you massage it in. I had never used a retinol product before and initially I did use this every other day. I also went through a purging period for around 3-4 days when all these tiny bumps showed up and disappeared the next day, it also cleared out acne on my chin in the process. Since then I use this twice a week. At that time of the month I use it more frequently and concentrate it on just the areas where I have spots. This can also be used as a targeted treatment! Unlike Good Genes I do notice clearer, more radiant skin the morning after. I’m more inclined to use this again but I am wary of the dye used in this. About using AHAs and retinol at the same time, Sunday Riley do mention that you can use Good Genes first, wait for 5-10 minutes and then apply Luna. I follow the same time frame and apply this 5-10 minutes after acid toning. Also, if you are using a Vitamin C serum along with AHAs and retinol in your routine, only use Vit C in the mornings. There’s some conflicting research but overall the safer route is to not mix them.

skincare routine 2016-9

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil (PM / Everyday)
I’ve been using this for around six months now and I love it! I was looking at all the Sunday Riley oils and Juno really appealed to be because it’s lightweight, hydrating, packed with antioxidants and has a (comparatively) mild herbal scent. You can actually use this in the day time if you have really dry skin but I only use it at night. 2-3 drops is all it takes and I wake up with soft and hydrated skin in the morning. But considering how much this costs, I’m not so sure I’ll repurchase this anytime soon. There are a lot of facial oils out there that do the same job and this might be a nice item to splurge on once in a while but, it’s not holy grail for me. This is going to last me ages though so expect to see this on the blog a lot more often!

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cream (AM & PM / Everyday)
Again, another splurge purchase I made when I was at Sephora! I love this cream though, it’s lightweight, smells a bit milky and is moisturising throughout the day. It may not be rich enough if you have very dry skin but you’d find this comfortable if you have dry or normal-combination skin. I love the packaging though! The surface is a pump with a tiny hole in the middle where the product comes out. The mechanism is working very well for now but I’m curious to know how it’ll fare when there’s very little product. Again, it’s a product where I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money but I don’t see this as an absolute essential where I would repurchase this.

skincare routine 2016-10
Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream (PM / Almost Everyday)
I don’t really expect much from eye creams. I want them to keep the area around my eye hydrated and not sting if I get the product too close. This does just that and I love that it comes in a pump. I usually only need half a pump for both eyes and this has lasted me for a long time! I would definitely get this again!

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ (AM / Almost Everyday)
I’ve remained loyal to this for years now! To be honest, I didn’t use it every single morning unless I knew I was going to be out in the sun for longer than a couple of minutes. Now that I’m using a Vitamin C serum, I do use this everyday after it. It sits well over the serum and has a matte finish. Doesn’t disturb any makeup and everything applies just the same as it would otherwise (for better or for worse). I also don’t mind the floral scent. I always buy smaller tubes of this because I don’t need a lot and sunscreens break down quickly. I like get fresher products every time I buy it and this size is easy to slip into my handbag.

Nuxe Lip Balm (AM & PM / Everyday)
I’ve already talked this lip balm many times and it’s forever on my repurchase list! I’m currently using one that came with limited edition packaging, love that red cap! It’s a thick balm with a demi matte finish which is very strange for a lip balm. I apply a very small layer in the morning so my lipstick doesn’t slip around too much; at night I apply a thicker layer. It’s also very repairing and soothing if you have chapped lips or irritation.

skincare routine 2016-8

Aesop Parsley Seed Masque (PM / Once a week)
I have a love hate relationship with this mask. I love that it doesn’t leave me skin completely stripped, it does a great job of cleaning up my pores and leaving my skin feeling super clean! I hate that this has alcohol and lavender added to it, I don’t know if it’s very irritating but I sometimes find the smell to eb too strong! Also, The tube might be very photogenic and blogger-trendy but it keeps flopping around and falling over! So I’m not repurchasing this just yet but it’s still one of the best clay masks I’ve used. I usually use the Pai mask after this followed by the Juno oil.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask (PM / Once a week)
I didn’t really intend on buying this mask but it came with a set that contained the Pai Rosehip Oil, which is what I actually wanted. But I’ve grown to like this! It’s a mango coloured creamy mask and it leaves your skin feeling very plumped! I don’t really get brightening effect the way I do with the Oskia Renaissance Mask but it’s a nice 2-in-1 kind of mask.

Oskia Renaissance Mask (PM / Once a week)
So I initially bought this to replace my holy grail Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant and while this doesn’t really compare in the exfoliation department, the glow this gives is so worth it! It’s a very expensive mask but luckily you don’t need a ton for each use. The texture is a rather odd translucent gel like formula which turns more white and opaque as your massage it on your face. After 15-20 mins and a slight warm feeling, my skin looks so radiant and smooth! I use this once a week, usually reserved for weekends because I like using this before I’m going out for dinner or something like that! With Good Genes in my routine, I don’t miss a stronger exfoliating mask and this is great for a quick pick me up! I would like to buy this again but the price hurts! I’ll probably wait for a good sale and then grab it!


So there’s my skincare routine! A total of 16 products that I want to cut down to 10 in the coming months. I’ll probably do detailed reviews with more information about the ingredients on some of these products over the next few months. Let me know what you’d like to hear more about. What’s your skincare routine like?


Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire (Rs. 890/ £10.5) – Nykaa, Escentual

Banila Co Clean It Zero ($18) – PeachandLily, Sokoglam

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£29.50) – Cult Beauty, SpaceNK

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 ($65) – ShopRescueSpa

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence ($42) – PeachandLily

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum ($80) – Sephora

Sunday Riley Good Genes ($105 /£85) – Sephora, Cult Beauty, SpaceNK

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105 /£85) – Sephora, Cult Beauty, SpaceNK

Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna Exclusive Duo ($78) – Sephora

Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream ($33) – BeautyBay

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil ($90/£70) – Sephora, Cult Beauty, SpaceNK

Neutrogena – UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ (Rs. 199) – Nykaa

Nuxe Lip Balm (£9.50) – Escentual,  SpaceNK

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cream ($65) – Sephora, Nordstrom

Aesop Parsley Seed Masque (£27.00) – Cult Beauty

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask ($33) – BeautyBay

Oskia Renaissance Mask (£49.50) – Cult Beauty, SpaceNK

  • Lovely set of products out there:-)
    And I can imagine the excitement of surprise proposing
    Enjoy d moment and all d best for marriage preparation
    It is going to be all fun don’t worry :-))

    • Thanks Krithi!! It was completely unexpected! 😀

  • Jennifer

    Absolutely loved reading this! I think I’ve either tried or currently own and use every product you’ve mentioned here! Although I do need to get that Drunk Elephant Vit C, I’m obsessed with Vit C serums atm. You should definitely try the Purity version of the Banila Co cleanser, it doesn’t contain mineral oil 🙂


    • Thanks Jennifer! I’ll try that one next time! x

  • Congratulations! wedding wisdom – have lots of fun, and document EVERYTHING!

    The Kate Somerville Goat Milk cream – does it have added fragrance?
    I’m not completely sold on the Drunk Elephant Serum ..yet. I used it on one side of my face for three days and broke out pretty badly (only on that side). Breakouts are gone now, will give it a whirl again in a couple of weeks (can you tell I really want this to work? :D).

    • Lol, I’m having so much fun with excel sheets!!
      Nope, the cream doesn’t have added fragrance. Yikes, that’s not ideal with the serum. Hope it works out though!

  • I’ve really enjoying the SR Luna Oil, I wish I wasn’t because it’s so expensive but it’s so nice, plus it doesn’t break me out like most oils do 🙂
    xxx Claire

    • I know! I wish they sold the 15ml versions individually, I’d be a lot more inclined to buy those!

  • I have yet to try any Sunday Riley products because I am afraid of making an expensive mistake, but that duo looks like a great place to start. I adore that Oskia mask. My wishlist has just extended after reading this post! xx



    • Yea, I always wanted to try the two products but only got them when I saw this set. I hope it’s permanent!

  • OMG huge congrats first of all, that’s amazing news! I’ve been engaged for 4 years now so definitely can’t give you any wedding advice as I’m taking my time haha. but I guess it’s important to just remember the day is for you two as a couple and to have fun :).
    You’ve got so many amazing products in your routine, loving the look of the Sunday Riley products x

    Beauty with charm

    • Thanks Alina! Yea, I don’t think our parents would let us stay unmarried for that long. They’re just relieved we’re finally getting married. :p
      True, I’m getting all the advice now you really have to maintain a balance between what the families what and what you want. It’s tricky!

  • IshtyleAwhile

    Hello hello!!! Congrats!!! I have been following you since Xuvious and now here!!!
    The products look fabulous and besides Bioderma, I have not really tried anything else.
    I finally decided to stop being a silent reader and comment, and I must say that I Blushcanvas, maybe a bit more than Xuvious. It has a different feel to it. .

    P.S. am on snapchat as krupaln

    • Thank you so much Krupa! Thanks for sticking with the blog! Yea, I take a lot more time to do each post now, approaching it differently than xuvious. 🙂

  • Aaaah forget about the skincare, congrats on the engagement!!!

  • Congratulations Advaita! And your skincare is humongous and I am gonna get my hands on Drunk Elephant skincare.

    • Thanks Fiona! It’s getting out of hand but I think I’ll trim it down in the next few months! I want to know what your skincare was like in the lead up to the wedding!!

      • Mine was mainly Sunday Riley and MV ORGANICS rose plus booster. Your skin is flawless anyways.

  • First of all, congratulations on the engagement! My advice on wedding planning? Start early. It is way more than you expect.
    And a great routine. I have ordered the Sunday Riley as well, and only now realized that there is colourant. After stating in a video that it is the blue tansy… Oh well. So far I am really liking it, but I have only been using it a few days.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Thanks so much Anne!! Yea, just writing the guestlist is tedious since we have to invite literally everyone we know. Indian wedding problems… But I’m having fun planning, I love doing excel sheets! xD
      I feel like I might have to repurchase that set again in the future. 🙂

  • so so so happy for you!! congratulations!! now let me go back and read the rest of the post 😛 xx

    • Thank you so much Aditi!! Hahaha hope you made it to the end, it’s very tldr material! xx

  • First of all congratulations on your engagement! Do you have an idea of the time of year you want your wedding to be?
    I discovered a lot of interesting products in this post, and I’m totally adding the Banila Co cleansing balm to my wishlist! I love cleansing balm, a lot more than cleansing oil, and I’m just finishing mine (the Flower Balm from Cinq Mondes) and this one is so much more affordable.


    • Thank you for your wishes! It’s gonna be a December wedding! I’ll be repurchasing Banila Co as well! Another comment mentioned that the green colour version is without mineral oil (if it has any bearing). xx

  • Congrats on the engagement! I have seen this Luna oil everywhere, I’m starting to become a little curious about it.

    | |

    • Thank you! I’d really suggest trying a sample or getting the Sephora set (which is cheaper). It’s a retinol product and you do have a purging period with it but after that it really keeps the skin clear!

  • Oh wow congrats on the engagement!!

  • Bernadette

    Wow these skincare products look absolutely stunning!

  • thefashionfolks

    Love the Bioderma! And congratulations on the engagement! Xx

    • Thank you! I think Bioderma will forever be in my routine! x

  • I’m an avid skincare lover so this post made me so happy. Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel is all sorts of amazing. Theres a few other products in this post that I haven’t heard of as well. Definitely a few more to add to the list 🙂

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic – Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

    • Aah so glad you approve! I feel like I’m the only one who’s not fully getting on well with the Oskia gel, I still like it though.

  • Firstly congrats again on your engagement lovely! That’s so exciting for you and your fiancee! 🙂

    Secondly, ooft, I love this post! I’ve got my skincare routine in the works as well which I’m hoping to post in the next week or so! It’s interesting you say the Oskia Renaissance cleanser doesn’t take off all your makeup because I find it does for me and that’s a real shame that it stings your eyes too because it doesn’t for me, so that seems strange! But I guess everyone’s skin (and eyes) are different. I still really want to try P50 but haven’t found a way to get it in Australia yet but Pixi Glow Tonic is now relatively easy to get your hands on so I mostly just stick with that and I really like it. It does sound like P50 has a bit more oomph to it though which I love the sound of.

    Man I’ve got some serious envy over your serum stage! I only heard about that Drunk Elephant serum in the last week or so but now this is the third time I’ve seen it come up and I really like the sound of it. And I really want to pick up the Sunday Riley mini double pack, I’ve tried a sample of Good Genes before and although I liked it I didn’t think it was life changing, but by all reports Luna is. I didn’t know that about the dye though – that’s such a shame, especially because they make a point of basically lying in the marketing by pushing the blue tansy so much. :/

    That’s also a really good point about buying mini products because most of us don’t run through skincare super quickly anyway so it makes a lot more sense to get fresher products, especially if you’ve got a few different things that you rotate between and aren’t using a product twice a day every day. I also tried a sample of the Renaissance Mask quite a while ago and got two uses out of it and absolutely loved it and it’s been on my wishlist ever since. I’ve got a couple of exfoliating masks/treatments that I’m making myself finish up first though because it doesn’t make sense to buy a new one when I’ve got a couple already that are open and I know I’d appreciate it much more when I can use it guilt-free!

    Jessica –

    • Thank you so much for your wishes Jessica! Yea, going through the other comments and blog posts in general, I’m in a very small minority regarding the Oskia cleansing gel. I hadn’t read about it stinging before either so maybe it is just me!
      I feel like Good Genes didn’t wow me much because I acid tone everyday anyway. I imagine it would be amazing on those who don’t.
      I keep a one in one out policy with skincare too so I don’t end up with 5 open cleansers!

  • Congrats dear. All the products so great 🙂

  • Ahh congratulations on the engagement! That’s so exciting!!

    Second, I need like all of these products haha. I’m definitely going to have to bookmark this post so I can pick up some (or most) of these products!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Thanks Nida! xx
      Out of all, I’d really recommend the Banila Co cleansing balm if you want to try just one.

  • You’ve introduced some great brands that I haven’t heard of tried! Banilla co and Pai are on my to try list! Thanks for the mini review on the kate sommerville goat moisturizer, I was kinda intrigued by this! Would LOVE to try some of sunday riley’s oils though!!

    AND CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement!!!!!!

    • Thanks Whitney!! I think the Goat Milk Moisturiser has a new formula now, or maybe they’ve just changed the packaging slightly.

  • Congratulations on your engagement, Advaita! That’s so exciting! Also, as you probably know, I’ve added you on Snapchat too. I’ve recently just started getting into it myself… when I remember to! I’m still more of a watcher these days, but I’m trying to be a more active participant!

    There are so many dreamy products here in your skincare routine and I love how in-depth this post is! I use Bioderma to remove my eye and lip makeup too and I really can’t imagine anything else more effective. I cringe at the thought of how I used to use makeup wipes in the past! The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel works perfectly to remove my makeup and doesn’t sting my eyes at all, but I do recall it saying on the packaging that it can do that. It’s a shame such a cult product doesn’t work as well for you, but I guess we all have different skin! I really want to try the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser too, I’m thinking about using a mail forwarding service to get it shipped to Australia, since there is STILL no international shipping. Ugh. I’m curious to try the Banila Co Clean It Zero too as the texture sounds so interesting! I’ve also never used an essence before and after learning a little more about them, I wouldn’t mind introducing one into my skincare routine just to try it. The Cremorlab one sounds really nice (I like the packaging too!) and as my brother’s girlfriend is Korean, I could probably easily find that and the Clean It Zero through her.

    I had been wanting to try the REN Clarifying Toning Lotion for the longest time due to the lactic acid in it, but then I read it got reformulated without it and I removed it from my wishlist! I was up one night researching an alternative, when I read more into Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 and it sounds incredible! I really can’t wait to try this for myself one day. The old 1970 version with the phenol sounds absolutely terrifying, but it seems to be “the” exfoliating toner. Plus, you can’t go wrong with French skincare! At the moment, I alternate between Alpha-H Liquid Gold and the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner and I really love them both.

    Sunday Riley products sounds really amazing, but I feel like I don’t need anything of theirs in my routine just because I’ve got so many other treatments I already love and would like to continue repurchasing. They’re also super expensive (not that that has ever stopped me from buying certain things before!) and going by your judgement, they don’t seem repurchase-worthy! I guess I’m happy to continue to do without… for now! I’ve tried the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque in the past, but I prefer the REN Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask a lot more. The scent is quite mild and while you can feel it really cleaning the skin while it’s on, your skin is left feeling super supple and smooth once it’s removed! I’d definitely repurchase this, but I want to give the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack a go next. I love the Oskia Renaissance Mask! It’s so thick and luxurious, and I love that warm feeling on the skin too. I agree that it definitely does more in terms of brightening than exfoliating, but that’s okay as I have other exfoliating products in my routine. I would happily repurchase this one as well and I prefer it over the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask.

    Sorry my comment is thousand years long, but there was just so much to talk about!

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    • Thank you so much Tenneil! I loving snapchat now and your comments are so insightful as always!
      I was mentioning this to Jessica as well, I’m in a very small minority when it comes to the Oskia cleansing gel. I haven’t read anywhere about it stinging eyes either so it is just me! I’m going to use the Milky Jelly Cleanser after Oskia so I’ll report on it soon!
      Banila Co is defintiely easier to get hold off online than Cremorlab. I feel like the essence is perfect for now in summer because it’s very cooling but once it’s over I might go for a hydrating serum instead, it’ll be better to use in fall and winter.
      I went down the acid toning rabbit hole last year and P50 was this magical product that everyone kept talking about on reddit and some very serious skincare focused blogs. I was thinking of trying more affordable options first but I know how my head works. If something is on a pedestal, it’s not going to go out of mind, so I just jumped in straight and got P50V last year. No regrets at all!
      With Sunday Riley I’m only inclined to repurchase Luna and that’s still a maybe, I’ll see how I feel about once I’m done using it.

  • Congrats on getting engaged, that’s so exciting! This is a ton of products but it’s good you are taking care of your skin! I sometimes get lazy and just use a makeup wipe but otherwise I love bioderma micellar water for taking off my makeup.

    I’ve heard tons of good things about Sunday Riley but haven’t taken the splurge.

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on twitter and instagram 🙂

    Raincouver Beauty

    • Thanks Angela!! Bioderma is a must for me, I don’t think I’ll ever be without it. 🙂

    I’ve pretty much nailed my skincare routine to 4-5 products, plus a small army of whatever face masks to be used whenever. I kinda regret not trying Banila’s cleansing balm when I was in Seoul, but eh, I’m happy with just using coconut oil to take off my makeup. LOL’ing at ‘Drunk Elephant’, but in terms of chemical exfoliants, I actually use them sparingly because turns out, my skin is quite sensitive to them. I only apply them to areas where I have breakouts/problem areas and it really helps me shed!

    I really want to try the Luna oil but holy hells $$$$. (I do want to grab a small sample of it though, but for now I’m quite happy with my Pai oil) Also, I LOVEEEEEEEE the smell of the Aesop mask, LOL. I don’t care much for the actual mask, but man, I love that lavender scent

    • Thanks Vanessa!! I really want to bring down my routine to fewer products as well. I know ‘Drunk Elephant’ is hard to take seriously but all the beautypedia reviews won me over! Lavender isn’t for me the mask is pretty good, I might get it again later!

  • Thanks so much Shireen! I find it really hard to pay so much for Vit C serums! They’re so expensive but only last for a couple of months. I’m loving the DE one though, I’ve already repurchased it! 😉

  • I just added you on snapchat! I actually recently posted on snapchat that I purchased the Banila Co cleansing balm! I’ve been really loving it and can definitely see why you enjoy it. And a big congratulations on your engagement, how amazing that your man proposed to you, what a special moment it must of been for you both!

    You have a beautiful selection of skincare in this post! I really enjoyed reading what you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy of each product. It’s always a bit of a relief to know that not all hypes work well for everyone. It is quite interesting to see what types of products are a hit or miss for others. I’ve always been curious of all the Sunday Riley oils, they sounds so lovely but I always get put off by the pricing and wonder what would it do for my skin. I guess everyone’s skin is different and not everyone uses the same products, it all depends on what you want to target for your skin concerns.

    Jennifer | Amour JNFR

    • I love your snaps! I really like seeing what you get up to at work, it’s so interesting! Thank you so much for your wishes! I was really taken by surprise with the proposal. I mean I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t expecting it at the time!

      Having used it for a while, I really like Luna and it’s one I might repurchase. Juno is good for there are other less expensive alternatives. Oskia was a surprise here because I’ve rarely read about it stinging the eyes. I might be an odd case!