Dear Beauty Gods

I know they exist because they probably sit in a marble office surrounded by Diptyque candles looking into our heads and just for sadistic fun, discontinue our favourite products. I’m going to try to keep my composure because at the end of the day it’s just makeup, but if anyone can understand the anguish, it’s this community. There are four discontinued products where I’ve taken things very personally. (Not really but you know…)


A body product I recently came to love is the Sunday Riley Disrobe Body Lotion. You’re probably wondering why on earth would I spend so much money on a body lotion. There’s a good reason! It’s one of the only body lotions with lactic acid! You heard me. I get very dry flaky skin on my upper arms and lower back, the kind that can’t really be scrubbed off without ripping my skin. I had the good sense to buy this and it just works so well. It got rid of the dry bits in a couple of uses and it’s so intensely hydrating even though it’s very light in texture. Even apart from the AHA it’s still a damn good body lotion! I’m not wasteful with it though, I only use it in the areas needed twice a week. That way I can really make it last longer.

I was looking online last week to repurchase and it was sold out everywhere! Finally, I did what a really desperate person does, I actually emailed the company and I got a very pleasant email within 24 hours stating that it was discontinued but that I can try using Good Genes with my regular body lotion for a similar effect. I guess what actually prompted this post was the disappointment. I will probably end using a body lotion-AHA concoction to try and get the same results. Also, if anyone wants to donate/sell their Disrobe to me, I will gladly accept it. :p

I talked about my love for the Mysore Sandalwood scent in my previous post. With the Forest Essentials Bath and Shower Oil in Mysore Sandalwood, I get to radiate sandalwood in all it’s glory. It’s a sweet and creamy scent with no sharpness or powdery drydown. Just how I like it. Naturally, it makes sense to replace this oil with a not quite the same “Sandalwood & Vetiver” version. This time round I was sensible enough to buy a backup which should see me well through 2017. My local Sephora was still carrying the original one, I guess I should be thankful no one else buys this?


Some purchases are just special because the stars align and you discover a gem in a Japanese beauty mart which also happens to be tax free with additional discounts. It was fate that made me discover Cle de Peau Lip Luminizer in 203, my perfect sheer MLBB shade. I have the full review on my old blog here if interested. This year however, they discontinued this specific shade. I had made grand declarations of repurchasing the refill once I use this up. Sadly, that won’t be happening any more. I now only use is on special occasions so I don’t actually run out of it!

Another product I use sparingly so I don’t run out of it is Nars Blush in Douceur. I am very close to hitting pan but now I use it along to edges to prolong its “pristine” state. To be fair, I knew beforehand that it was being discontinued and had many opportunities to buy this. I didn’t because I know I already own a lot of blushes. Common sense prevailed which I know slightly regret. With Douceur there are plenty of people making noise, so they with hopefully bring it back.

I hope this post isn’t too much of a downer! To be fair, there are plenty of brown-mauve blushes and MLBB sheer lipsticks out there, I probably attach too much sentimental value to these. But do let me know which products that you love have been discontinued! It’ll be interesting to see!

An honorable mention goes to Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable which I don’t own but is also being discontinued. I recently picked up Cocoa Mirage, so there’s no way I’ll be buying this. I always had the intention of picking it up in the distant future though, I guess that won’t be happening anymore. So go get this while you still can if you want to!

Have a pleasant weekend. 🙂

  • God, I know the feeling. I feel like every time i go to repurchase a beloved lipstick… its gone… for good, same with perfume! If you love AHA on the body but don’t want to spend a ton, I’ve had really good results with using Derma e’s overnight peel!

    • Thanks for the rec! For now I might just use a cheaper AHA toner.

  • I know how it feels.! But again that gives an opportunity to try new ones.

    • That is true! And you know I like trying new things! 😉

  • Agreed on the pranks the beauty gods play on us! Using Good Genes mixed in with your body lotion… that is a pricey replacement, but it seems it is a worthwhile one. I have never heard of the “Disrobed” body lotion, so sadly I cant send a care package your way.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I know, I am trying out Good Genes at the moment but I definitely won’t be using it on my arms!

      • Do you like it? It is one of my all time favorite products.

        • So I actually bought the Duo Exclusive that you get in Sephora. So it has 15ml each of Good Genes and Luna.
          I like Good Genes so far. I not using a very strong acid toner at the moment so I feel like I get a good treatment. Currently I’m just using it twice a week.
          How often do you use it? Do you also acid tone on the same day? I don’t want to go overboard. Good Genes + the Vit C serum has really made my skin smoother and helped fade some acne marks.

          • I use it instead of an acid tone, at the moment around twice a week. I like to switch up my acid toners and chnace between glycolic, lactic and salicylic throughout the week, depending on what I feel I need the most.

          • Aah, thanks! I’ll stick to something similar. xx

  • The Nars blush looks so pretty!! It would be perfect for fall as well 🙂 xx

    Kathy xx

  • Aw, too bad that Cle de peau shade got discontinued, otherwise I’d look for it.

    • That reminds me, as you are in Japan, you’re going to have such an amazing beauty experience! Cle de Peau, different Shiseido brands, Canmake, Hakuhodo, I could go on! I’m living vicariously through you! xx

  • Such a shame when companies discontinue your favourite products or shades. The Sunday Riley body cream sounds wonderful, so that’s really annoying that you will have to come up with your own concoction to achieve similar results x

    Beauty with charm

    • Yea, I might just end up using a cheaper AHA toner. I can understand discontinuing Disrobe, I don’t think it was as popular, but it’s pretty great.

  • Can I hate the beauty Gods for making me have a never ending wishlist? I can’t seem to stop wanting things. Disrobe sounds amazing and good that it works for you, but uh it is an expensive body lotion! My the body shop will be more than enough for me, I don’t think I’d ever pay that much on a body lotion 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Aah, wanting more just comes with the territory of beauty blogging. Disrobe really was amazing, hope I can cook up something that’ll work as well.

  • Grace K.

    I love the layout of your blog. The colors are so basic yet chic and it really makes the products in your posts stand out!

    • Thank you so much! Although most of the credit probably goes to the creator, I just tweaked it a bit. 🙂

  • I’ll never understand why the Beauty Gods discontinue some products!
    I’ve always wanted a TF quad… How are you liking Cocoa Mirage?

    • So Cocoa Mirage is one of the few matte TF palettes and I’m really enjoying it. The colours are perfect for an everyday minimal look. There’s one satin shimmery shade in there but rest of the matte are very pigmented, soft and easy to blend. Totally worth it! xx

  • Yes yes finally someone else is talkling about this lactic acid thing. It;s the only kind of lotion that helps with the bumps on my arms.

    • Yes! I’m so sad that I discovered it so late, I could have easily stocked up on it before! Are there any other AHA lotions you are using?

  • I hate it when that happens; we fall in love with a product only to have it discontinued. Must say this has never happened to me (yet!) but I can only imagine the sorrow that you felt about these products gone. 🙁

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • It’s unfortunate, but hey, more room to try out new products! 😉

  • Yes, I hate when I find something I love and then BAM! they discontinue it. I did manage to find Douceur on ebay & it was a warehouse sale item. The exact color and I wear it all of the time. You should check it out.

    • Oh, what a great find! I did think of buying a used one but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. xx

  • LOVE your picks! so luxe. I haven’t tried these products but love many other products offered by those brands! (Sunday Riley’s “Juno” oil is one of my faves)

    • I’m glad you like Juno as well! I’m currently using it as my night time oil, I love it as well! xx

  • Love how luxurious your makeup choices are! I’d love to try Cle de Peau, they sound so lovely! I hope you are able to find another amazing replacement for the discontinued products!

    • Thanks Whitney! I wouldn’t rate Cle de Peau as a favourite brand or anything of the sort, but that particular shade was just perfect. 🙂

  • That NARS blush is such an interesting shade, it’s a shame they’re discontinuing it! My go to blush is NARS Orgasm, I’ve had it for so long but I love the colour!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Nars Orgasm is amazing! I also like Deep Throat which is a bit less shimmery.

  • I love this blush,and i can use it very easily


  • Bernadette

    I just hate it when makeup products get discontinued. It’s why I practically hoard makeup and look for many favourites in each category of makeup, so if something gets discontinued, shit doesn’t hit the fan.

    • Haha, perfect excuse for hoarding! But I do like trying out new things as well. xx

  • It’s irritating when you find a great product only to later find out that it’s discontinued. Mac and Dior discontinued a couple of shades that I loved, that’s why I decided to buy a couple of different foundations and lip colours that are similar. I love your selections and definitely enjoyed this post. /Madison
    Paris Street Style

    • Yea, it definitely leads to more spending! I have so many Douceur near dupes!

  • Hi Advaita.. just discovered your blog! Great job!
    Sorry about Cognac Sable! I hate it when brands discontinue their products 🙁

    • Hi Eesha! Thanks for stopping by! True, it actually leads to more spending trying to find dupes!

  • It’s such a shame when products you love get discontinued! That Sunday Riley body lotion sounds awesome, I don’t get particularly dry and flaky but I imagine if that were a regular issue for you you’d love having that as a solution, and it’s really not a common type of product that many brands make. Hopefully you can find an alternative to that one as using Good Genes on your body sounds like a really expensive alternative!

    jessica –

    • Oh definitely, I might end up using a standard AHA toner for body now, Hopefully that’ll work just the same. But Disrobe was just more convenient, you know?

  • Oooh Douceur is such a gorgeous shade! I wish they hadn’t discontinued it as it’s beyond beautiful xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  • It’s so crazy to me that they haven’t brought Douceur back! It’s such a cult favorite. I heard from a girl who works at the flagship that it didn’t do well when it initially launched and that’s why it was discontinued.

    • It might only be popular in the blogging bubble then!

  • Ugh, I really wanted Douceur! I’m so upset they discontinued it! And I didn’t know they were discontinuing TF Cognac Sable. WHY

    • Yea, and a couple of the older palettes like Sahara Haze as well. 🙁