How I store jewellery

Inadvertently, I think I’ve established by now that I am a hoarder of sorts. I remember when I collected crayons and it was my absolute dream to own every single colour imaginable! Shoutout to those enormous Crayola sets! My mom suggested getting into watercolours might be a better idea since you can make your own. Nope, I stuck to the crayons because there was an aspect to collecting that I obviously preferred.

Makeup and skincare came much later but inbetween I’ve always collected jewellery and pretty boxes to house them. It’s not the most organised or efficient way to do so, but I have a ranking system to sort things and I’m now way better at detangling necklaces in a rush.

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-1

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-9

This is another of my I’m-not-sure-why-I’m-posting-this kind of posts. I’ve always liked having decorative boxes to keep things. I was gifted a hand made wooden box by my grandfather to store bits and bobs. I was probably 7 or 8 at the time and I decorated the beauty out of it but for a long time I was always weirdly fascinated by it. Since then I’ve loved collecting tiny boxes to house my jewellery collection. This is all I have, probably since I was 12.

The brown oval box was a purchase that made me feel like a grown up at the time as I was 13 or 14 when I picked it out. The owl clasp, the indigo velvet and tiny size all felt very sophisticated to me. Since then it’s carried all my smaller stud earrings. You’ll pretty much find one in every colour in there. It can be a nightmare to dig through it but it’s been this way for so long, I don’t feel like changing it.

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-7

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-8

The next two hold combinations of necklaces and larger earrings that I like wearing regularly but not everyday. Cool toned or silver jewellery goes in the white box while gold and rose gold ones go in the beige one. Both have very similar work on the box which is rather common but it really brings me joy to use them. The Bombay Store is my haunt when I need to pick gifts for clients and the sort at work. I always lurk in the “tiny boxes” section and pick out stuff for them and occasionally myself as well!

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-4

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-6

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-2

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-3

For necklaces I wear nearly everyday, this tiny white stone box with pink stone work is perfect to just fit 2-3. Helps me limit my choices as well. I actually found this at the touristy gift store at Jaipur Airport and the price was a complete rip off but I had never seen one in pink before! The ones blue, orange and green work I have above are a lot more common.

To end the post, I have something I discovered more recently when I was paying a last visit to my soon-to-be-redeveloped flat in Bombay. My grandparents lived there as well and there were a lot of things we had to give away. Buried under a heap of wires was this box which I had never seen before. My grandmother is no more so I couldn’t ask her, no one in my family had seen it before either. It’s just nice to have something that was possibly given to her. My mom and I are trying to look up ways to restore it properly, but for now, it houses rings, bracelets and rather large earrings which I rarely use.

Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-11 Knick Knack Jewellery Boxes-12

I hope all of you are doing well. It’s been a busy month with wedding prep, travel and opening at new office at work. Things are more calm now but I’m starting to get that feeling now that time is passing really quickly. It’s already mid August and I’m yet to do so many things.