YouTube Favourites

I think about my TV habits 5 years ago and it’s changed so much. I prefer binge watching shows on my own time now, I Netflix almost everything and a substantial portion of my time is spent on YouTube! I can’t really remember the first Beauty related YouTuber I started watching but my subscriptions list grew quickly!

So I recently “decluttered” my Subscriptions box and had a think about which channels I really loved. I’m still subscribed to 100+ but these are the ones I never miss!

youtube beauty guru favourites-1

When it comes to skincare, Gothamista is my go to! She has very helpful in depth videos about products and ingredients. Her skintype is dry which makes a lot of her recommendations suitable for me as well. She also does a lot of Korean and Japanese skincare reviews which I love. There are so many innovative products coming out all the time, it’s hard to keep up!

A Little Bit etc is one I discovered more recently. She goes through an insane amount of skincare which is great for me! Also does a lot of makeup reviews. If there’s a product you want to know about, chances are she has done a mini review about it! Very straightforward and to the point videos. Tamira Jarrel is like my personality twin and I love her taste in everything from makeup to fashion. Similar skintone to me so I find a lot of her recommendations more relatable.

youtube beauty guru favourites-3

EasyNeon is serious makeup goals! She makes even the boldest makeup look so wearable. I take major inspiration from her eyeshadow tutorials and I always feel like playing with my makeup when I watch her videos.

KaushalBeauty is another YouTuber I love for her tutorials. She does a lot of Bollywood celebrity inspired looks, makeup for weddings, Diwali etc which I love to follow. Lisa Eldridge obviously deserves a mention. I get so many random recommendations and tips from her tutorials. I really appreciate her rare skincare videos, I learn so much.

youtube beauty guru favourites-2

Chase Amie is my to go for handbag reviews and I’ve been watching her since she started. I love her personality and we have very similar tastes when it comes to handbags. She does very in depth and practical reviews. Another favourite I’ve watched since the beginning is Amelia Liana. Just overall, I love her channel because it’s a great mix of everything. Her vlogs and Duke have me hooked!

Let me know your favourites too, particularly if they’re newer and less heard of. Also, I’ve made a playlist with a few videos from these ladies!