A Week in Bali

I’m very enthusiastic about taking photos while travelling, not so much about editing them once I’m back home. So I have to thank Anne for nudging me to do this post. I’m hoping to do more of these travel snapshot posts this year from all my previous journeys around the globe.

To recap, I got married in December last year. We decided on a short honeymoon as we also wanted to start renovating our place. I wanted a Honeymoon where we could relax but also do things together, didn’t want to be in a resort-only type of atmosphere. That put Maldives out of question though I do want to go there in the future. Honeymooning in January doesn’t leave too many options travel wise and I wanted a destination where both of us had never been before. We finally settled on Bali and a short stopover at Singapore to shop (my idea ofc) and to catch up with friends and family.


Ametis Villa

I had an incredible time in Bali and a lot of it had to do with where we stayed and the people we met. We settled on Ametis Villa in Canggu near Seminyak and as it’s away from the main crowded areas but also central enough for easier travel to other areas of Bali. MrandMrsSmith was a huge help in narrowing down hotels, as was TripAdvisor for reviews. We stayed in a private villa with a pool which was immaculate, the right mix of modern and cultural elements. We dined in the villa many times and tried a lot of Balinese cuisine, which we really liked! They were also kind enough to prepare a Vegetarian Indian menu just for us which was a surprise! They also helped us plan our itinerary, organize surfing lessons and gave so much advice. Every staff member made us feel so welcome and at home. I never really talk about hotels I stay in because other than the staple Instagram photo, there’s rarely anything exceptional. This was different though, the attention to detail and effort the staff put in is worth every penny. If I go to Bali in the future, I’m definitely staying here again. I’m also thinking of sending my parents there for a retreat! But enough of talking, time for photos.


In and Around Seminyak

There were a lot of beach shops and cute cafes around our hotel, taking a stroll outside was something we did a lot. Bali is also famous for it’s wooden carvings and we picked one up as well. For eating out, I really liked Metis, Moana’s Fish Eastery, Avocado Cafe and Le Petit Prince.



We had planned a day trip to visit Mt. Batur. Unfortunately, it started raining and we couldn’t see anything past the clouds. So disappointing but visiting a coffee plantation, trying out different tea and coffee variants and going past all the rice fields made up for it.


Tanah Lot

There are so many temples in Bali, atleast one every few meters but we only visited Tanah Lot at sunset. It was so peaceful and stunning.


Brief Visit to North Kuta Beach

From reading about Bali, I didn’t want to spend much time in the main Kuta beach area as it’s so commercial and crowded. We did go out one night to a club and well, wasn’t really my scene, too many aggressive drunk people. We visited the beach next day, watched the sunset, had a good view of flights taking off and land. It’s crazy just how much I enjoy watching planes.


Bali is so special! I really want to go back some day and explore other parts of it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if I should do more of these.

On another note, I usually carry my heavy DSLR when I travel but this time I borrowed the Nikon P610 from my parents which is more like a point and shoot camera. What do you guys use while travelling? I’m thinking of getting a smaller camera for travel like the Canon EOS M series.