A Week in Bali

I’m very enthusiastic about taking photos while travelling, not so much about editing them once I’m back home. So I have to thank Anne for nudging me to do this post. I’m hoping to do more of these travel snapshot posts this year from all my previous journeys around the globe.

To recap, I got married in December last year. We decided on a short honeymoon as we also wanted to start renovating our place. I wanted a Honeymoon where we could relax but also do things together, didn’t want to be in a resort-only type of atmosphere. That put Maldives out of question though I do want to go there in the future. Honeymooning in January doesn’t leave too many options travel wise and I wanted a destination where both of us had never been before. We finally settled on Bali and a short stopover at Singapore to shop (my idea ofc) and to catch up with friends and family.


Ametis Villa

I had an incredible time in Bali and a lot of it had to do with where we stayed and the people we met. We settled on Ametis Villa in Canggu near Seminyak and as it’s away from the main crowded areas but also central enough for easier travel to other areas of Bali. MrandMrsSmith was a huge help in narrowing down hotels, as was TripAdvisor for reviews. We stayed in a private villa with a pool which was immaculate, the right mix of modern and cultural elements. We dined in the villa many times and tried a lot of Balinese cuisine, which we really liked! They were also kind enough to prepare a Vegetarian Indian menu just for us which was a surprise! They also helped us plan our itinerary, organize surfing lessons and gave so much advice. Every staff member made us feel so welcome and at home. I never really talk about hotels I stay in because other than the staple Instagram photo, there’s rarely anything exceptional. This was different though, the attention to detail and effort the staff put in is worth every penny. If I go to Bali in the future, I’m definitely staying here again. I’m also thinking of sending my parents there for a retreat! But enough of talking, time for photos.


In and Around Seminyak

There were a lot of beach shops and cute cafes around our hotel, taking a stroll outside was something we did a lot. Bali is also famous for it’s wooden carvings and we picked one up as well. For eating out, I really liked Metis, Moana’s Fish Eastery, Avocado Cafe and Le Petit Prince.



We had planned a day trip to visit Mt. Batur. Unfortunately, it started raining and we couldn’t see anything past the clouds. So disappointing but visiting a coffee plantation, trying out different tea and coffee variants and going past all the rice fields made up for it.


Tanah Lot

There are so many temples in Bali, atleast one every few meters but we only visited Tanah Lot at sunset. It was so peaceful and stunning.


Brief Visit to North Kuta Beach

From reading about Bali, I didn’t want to spend much time in the main Kuta beach area as it’s so commercial and crowded. We did go out one night to a club and well, wasn’t really my scene, too many aggressive drunk people. We visited the beach next day, watched the sunset, had a good view of flights taking off and land. It’s crazy just how much I enjoy watching planes.


Bali is so special! I really want to go back some day and explore other parts of it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if I should do more of these.

On another note, I usually carry my heavy DSLR when I travel but this time I borrowed the Nikon P610 from my parents which is more like a point and shoot camera. What do you guys use while travelling? I’m thinking of getting a smaller camera for travel like the Canon EOS M series.

  • Always here to nudge you into the direction of more travel posts. Your pictures are amazing. When I am traveling I do use my DSLR occasionally, usually when I know I will be taking pictures, and rely on my iPhone for everything else. I guess if I would travel now I´d take my vlogging camera, which is much smaller than the DSLR, but I haven’t done any big trips since I bought it.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Yea, I prefer taking the DSLR on roadtrips because carrying it is such a hassle for me. Also more concerned about it’s safety and/or rain and things like that when it’s a longer trip. Still hunting for the perfect travel camera.

  • Your photos look great! I always feel conflicted about what to bring while traveling too, but I just use my phone nowadays. Kinda sad since I spent on nice lenses!

    • I wish I could take my lenses with me, but they’re so heavy! I just end up taking the kit lens because it’s so light!

  • The coffee plantation sounds so cool! Your photos look amazing; I wish I an immerse myself in photos and then zap myself to Bali!

    • It was amazing! I’m more of a tea person so it was fun to try out different coffee flavours for a change.

  • bali just look beautiful. my best friend loves it there and basically lived there for 10 months and goes back every year and i have yet to join her.


    • Really? That’s amazing! I can definitely see myself living there and having a great time!

  • Such gorgeous photos! Bali looks amazing! I can’t wait to visit one day! x


    • It’s really worth a visit, the sights, culture, food, everything is so amazing! x

  • Oh wow! Bali looks amazing! That picture of the cave is stunning. I can almost imagine some mermaids to appear!


  • Beautiful photos! Bali was one of the places we were considering for our honeymoon as well, and while we didn’t pick it in the end, we’d still love to go there one day. The villa you stayed at looks amazing, and their customer service sounds top notch! Will definitely have to reference back to your post when we do decide to take the trip 😀

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • It’s definitely worth staying a bit longer than we did as we wouldn’t explore all areas of the island. I’m hoping to go back sometime in the future though.

  • Bali looks and sounds amazing! Definitely on my list to visit!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  • Oh gosh, the photography is amazing and yay to Anne for the nudge! I made the mistake of staying at Kuta when I was in Bali and have been yearning to go back. And if I ever do, I’ll choose to stay in Seminyak!

    • Kuta just so overly commercialized in a bad way, like they’ve taken away the culture of Bali, which is so sad because it’s just a welcoming place.

  • Francisca

    OMG this looks like a dream! Definitely on my travel bucket list aaah xx

    Francisca | http://www.franciscamay.com

    • It’s defintiely worth a visit, I know I need to go back soon!

  • Sam

    I’ve been wanting to go to Bali for ages! It looks beautiful, and it’s so funny because one of the YouTubers I follow is in Bali right now and she posted a picture of the same grassy ridges/steps(?) as well!

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud

    • The coffee plantations, yes, they’re gorgeous! It’s worth taking the time to visit, it’s such a special place.

  • Omg, Bali is dreamy!! I have to visit soon.

    Love the images, thanks for sharing with us!


  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Wow, I have never been to Bali but after reading your posts, I am definitely adding it to my bucket list! 🙂 It looks heavenly, sounds like you had such a fab time! Loving all the gorgeous photos, hun. So glad that you’ve decided to share this! 🙂 xoxo


    • Thanks Kay! I’m so happy you liked the photos! It was different editing style for me this time round and I wasn’t sure if everyone would like it.

  • Ha, I totally feel you about being super enthusiastic taking photos when I’m away but when I get home I’m like UGGHHHH EDITING and I put it off for ages, haha. It looks like you had a beautiful honeymoon though! I generally don’t stay in luxury accommodation because it’s pretty expensive but it’s definitely worth splashing out for a special occasion like your honeymoon, and I’m glad to hear it made all the difference to your stay. Everything looks so beautiful, and your photos turned out great despite not being taken on your normal camera. I still travel with my DSLR but it can definitely be a pain in the ass carrying it around for a long day, when I was in the States a couple of weeks ago I found myself leaving it at home on lots of days and just using my phone because it’s so much easier. Definitely not the same quality but some photos are better with a camera phone, idk about you but I don’t take selfies with my partner with my DSLR, haha.


    • I’m still hunting for the perfect travel camera! I really like the iPhone Live Photos, when you looking back it’s almost like seeing a video (which I rarely take). DSLRs I only reserve for road trips but again, I don’t take most of my lenses because they so heavy. A lot of the times I just stick to the kit lens while travelling.

  • Aww a very late congratulations on getting married! I want to visit Bali so much and your amazing photos make me even more eager to go. It looked like you had such a lovely honeymoon!

    Becki | xo

    • Thanks Becki! It was amazing, I would suggest Bali to anyone.

  • Ha I know the feeling of being totally snap happy on holiday then coming home and avoiding the memory card for weeks!! Sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon though (congrats btw!), beautiful pics. Bali looks stunning!

    The Makeup Directory

    • Thanks Sally! I have a ton of travel photos that haven’t seen the light of day and I obsess so much over it when I’m clicking them. I need to be more disciplined with that. So glad you liked the photos!

  • Samileen

    Oh my!!! I so want to go on a vacation. Even though I’m on a vacation right now, at my parents place. But nothing like a beautiful place like Bali. It’s so on my wishlist. And you captured it beautifully.

    Saman || BeautyDetour

    • So I’m replying to this really late but I kinda need a vacation right now as well! So happy you liked the post!

  • Love the pictures! Beautiful and atmospheric. Bali is definitely one of the many places on my wishlist.

  • glad you have fun in bali! as an indonesian myself i’m ashamed i’ve never been there 🙁 but your honeymoon looks amazing. i’m always glad whenever hotel being so attentive and put effort to please their customers to their specific needs. i haven’t had such this far. probably i’m staying at wrong place!

    and yes, more travel posts prz. i love makeup posts but travel post once in a while wouldn’t hurt. congrats on your marriage! sending blessings to your new family! <3

    • Oh wow! Which city are you in? We were planning on visiting Jakarta as well but it didn’t pan out. If we visit Bali again, we defintiely plan on going to more cities in the country. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Will keep it in mind and share more travel posts in the future.

      • i live in tangerang which is outskirt of jakarta, really close! do tell me if you’re coming back sometime in the future! would happily recommend (mostly food) places in town! x

  • Your trip sounds and looks absolutely amazing, I loved looking through your lovely photos! I would love to visit Bali, it’s definitely on my list x

    Beauty with charm

  • AngeliePangilinan

    Bali is just so beautiful! There are never ending things to do and places to see. 🙂

    Angelie // Manicure Mondays: Faby Unknown Dimension

  • Bali is truly beautiful and the way you have captured it makes it even more beautiful.