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Hey there, I’m Advaita. It’s been a while since I wrote an About Me section. I’m uncomfortable talking about myself but surprisingly very adept at talking about makeup. I don’t remember when I started blogging first. I do remember the name, ‘Mascara Bleeds’, it had nothing to do with makeup though. I didn’t even own a mascara back then. I was in high school at the time and it was filled with emo angst posts, an extension of my Livejournal.

I discovered beauty blogs in 2011 when I wanted to figure out how to use a concealer. I fell deeply in love with the community and in 2012 I started Xuvious.com, which I was very dedicated to until very recently. I needed a new start. Xuvious was also where I housed a lot of my web development projects and tweaked with server settings often. I thought of the name ‘Blush Canvas’ a long time ago but debated about whether I should change my blog. I also had a lot of old posts on Xuvious, the kind of posts I had outgrown, consumed a lot of bandwidth but still got a lot of views. I decided to just let Xuvious be and start fresh.

So here I am on Blush Canvas documenting my adventures in makeup and skincare. There will be a couple of fashion and travel posts thrown in every now and again. As for me, I like my makeup minimal, my mascara non-clumpy and my lips nude. I do on occasion brighten things up though.

Shoot me an email at hello@blushcanvas.com if you want to chat.