Stella McCartney Falabella Mini Tote

If I’m not on Feedly or YouTube, I’m probably lurking on ThePurseForum reading handbag reviews! There are classic handbags that I’ve always wanted since I was a teenager and I had this mental block that I wouldn’t buy one until I turned 25. I was hoping I would be really mature by then! Last year I was on the hunt for a small better-than-average bag that I could use on weekends. I really wanted one in a neutral shade that I would wear with any outfit. After going through the usual shops and finding nothing, I entertained the thought of maybe buying a designer handbag.

stella mccartney falabella small tote black-1

It was this post from SomethingNavy that really made me notice the Stella McCartney Falabella Mini Tote, it looked perfect! I almost always prefer slouchy silhouettes rather than very structured ones, it was simple and edgy but different! I love how the chains fold over! Naturally, I went through every review I could find on TPF and YT! There were a lot of people sharing their views that helped me decide to go ahead with the purchase. Here’s me just contributing to the handbag review community. I feel like it’s important to know everything you possibly can before you spend so much on something, especially if you can’t really try on the bag in person.

I’ve had this bag for little over a year now and having used it atleast once or twice a week, I can give a thorough review. Stella McCartney is known for her vegan handbags (aside from the clothing line). It might seem insane to spend so much on a material that isn’t leather but I feel like the design warrants it and the material is very durable, much more so than something like lambskin leather. It’s more like thick fabric and hence scratch resistant.The material has a bit of sheen but it’s very tasteful, not quite the same as a blingy sequin purse. It’s also very easy to clean with just a damp cloth. I love the slight gunmetal colour of the chains, it hasn’t shown any signs of scratches or tarnishing either. It still looks as good as new and I’m so pleased!

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I have the Mini Tote in black which has the shoulder strap as well as the small handles. The width is 26cm which is wide enough to fit a long wallet (which is usually 20cm), height is around 25cm and depth is 6cm. This is the most that I can fit in it at a time – phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, small makeup bag, pen, charger cable and headphones! It’s very roomy and I love the dusty rose interior colour! Also, I just read while researching for this post that the polyester lining is made from recycled plastic bottles which just blew my mind! You also get a tiny pocket on the inner side but in my experience, if you place a larger object inside (like large keys), it tends to fall out because of the foldover style. Something smaller like a lipstick stays in just fine.

I also have some awkward modelling shots for you below. It sits comfortably near my hip when it’s on the shoulder and near my waist when worn crossbody. The strap isn’t adjustable but I’m 5’3″ and it isn’t too long for me. Speaking of the strap, it is heavy but I’ve never really felt any discomfort. Once or twice I did have my bag completely filled and I was walking for a very long time (shopping of course), I did find it heavy after a few hours. I do like that it doesn’t slip off my shoulder but doesn’t dig in too much.

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I feel like this goes well with just a simple casual outfit but it wouldn’t look out of place if I wore it with a little black dress or anything of the sort either, which makes this the perfect weekend bag! I wear it for nights out, movies, shopping or whatever else I might be doing!

Overall, the bag has been in great shape since I bought it. I’ve been able to just wipe it with a damp cloth and get rid of dust marks and such. It also comes with a very large cotton dustbag which I store it in when not in use. I purchased mine from Farfetch and the custom duties were prepaid. If you are buying from Farfetch I have a referral link wherein you get 10% off your first purchase and I get free shipping in return. Also, this bag goes by a bunch of different names depending on where you’re buying it from and the prices vary as well. I’ve listed the variations in the links below. Ask me any questions you might have below!

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Stella McCartney Black Falabella Mini Tote ( £595 in UK / $1055 in US / €740 in Europe) – Stella McCartney, Farfetch, Luisaviaroma (mini 3 chain), Neiman Marcus (mini tote), Selfridges (mini baby bella tote)

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