Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Time to switch things up a bit with a handbag review. I can’t tell you now long I spent trying to track this bag down. I first saw it on Chase Aime and although this bag has been around for a long time, it until I saw this specific colour that I really considered it seriously. Of course, that meant that this colour was out of season and virtually impossible to find. It’s not a permanent shade, however, when it showed up on Net-a-Porter, it wasn’t in season either. I suppose Gucci just likes to play games with us.

I bought this in late 2016 (glad I did because the price has jacked up now) and I have used it for a little over a year. This is the Gucci Soho Disco Bag in Powder (or blush). It’s not the same as the more camel-ish nude “beige rose” shade that’s permanent. This blush shade is trickier to track down. If you can’t find it on reseller websites, keep an eye on Net-a-Porter UK or MyTheresa as they usually have the newer items come in first (purely from my observation).

This was my first real soft leather bag and it feels so so good to touch! I always went for more durable leathers like saffiano or more textured ones before but the leather on this is incredibly soft. Yet, I like that it’s lightly pebbled and not as delicate as say, lambskin.

The dimensions are – 8″W x 6″H x 2.5″D  ( 21cm x 15cm x 6.5cm) with two interior pockets. It’s a good size for a crossbody to wear out during the day. You can fit quite a lot in it. It also comes with an adjustable strap which is perfect, I keep it really short as I like this closer to my hips. The leather tassels feel very early 2000 but it still looks in trend and makes using the zip very easy when you’re fumbling in a hurry. I always seem to grab onto the whole thing and pull though I probably shouldn’t. The zipper itself is also very smooth and I haven’t faced any issues with it.

This is one of my more delicate bags and I tend to use it with that consideration. So if there’s a chance it might rain, or if I’m not sure what my day is going to be like, I relegate this and use my Givenchy Mini Pandora instead (which is indestructible, has been through torrential rains and even fell in a puddle once). The light coloured leather and interior fabric brings comes with with own problems of colour transfer and worrying about ink spilling out. I initially did have a colour transfer issue on the back with a pair of black jeans but I was able to wipe it away since it was very fresh. I used a damp washcloth for the same. Other than that and bit of softening over time, the bag is pretty much perfect with no signs of wear.

Since the leather is so soft, it will slouch over time and will tend to lose it’s shape, especially at the base. It’s best to keep this stuffed at all times to retain it’s shape. There’s a bit of a dip around the logo stitching when it’s empty. But I do like the slouch, it makes it look more casual and I feel like structured bags just don’t look that good on me. Although it’s a “pink” bag, I feel like this can go with so many colours, not just neutrals because it’s that gorgeous muted pink.

Also, since I didn’t take any “modelling” shots with the bag, you get a rare #nofilter low quality blurry photo where I wear this bag with my signature scowl whilst shooting daggers at someone. It’s the only acceptable one I could find where you can actually see the bag without any obstruction but also well in proportion.

So what exactly does this fit? All of the above  – wallet, a small camera, sunglasses, phone, bits of makeup and wires. A typical long wallet would take up more space and would fit in quite snugly from the sides. It would appear a lot more packed with everything in it though and not look very slouchy. This is my go-to weekend bag now that the rains have officially ended.

I know the Marmont bags are more in trend right now but I feel like the Soho Disco is more classic and the logo isn’t obnoxious either. Does anyone hate the new GG logo as much as I do? Looks a lot like Cover Girl and it just puts me off buying those velvet bags. I do like the Dionysus bags though.

On the whole, I’m still in love with this bag and it gives me so much joy to use. So glad I waited for this colour though, it wouldn’t have been the same otherwise. I also managed to not use any of my ridiculous blush canvas puns throughout the post, you’re welcome! I might do my Glossier post next now that I’ve used more of their products or I might do a makeup of the day kind of post. I hope you’re doing really well and if you’re still reading this blog then I love you to bits!


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